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Watch us sing!

This page contains links to videos of us singing

Here's a Health to all Good Lasses (Chadlington, November 2013)

Found in manuscripts from Bampton, Oxfordshire date 1821 and sung at the annual supper of the choir in Winterbourne, Dorset. A version with religious words "Loving Jesus" is found in the Sacred Harp.

Great Things (Chadlington, November 2013)

A setting of Thomas Hardy's well-known poem, to the "In the Month of May" from the Hardy manuscript. Arrangement by Dave Townsend.

Newton's Double (Chadlington Village Hall, November 2013)

Dave Townsend often leads singing workshops with the Christminster Singers, and this short clip shows us with a group of singers and musicians who have just learned this lively tune to "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" from Adderbury, Oxfordshire.

The Recovery / Nancy's Fancy (Chadlington, November 2013)

Many of the Christminster Singers are accomplished instrumentalists, and all our concerts include an interlude to display their talents. This is one of them.